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The currency for the global network

Introducing Xpedition (XPED)

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Be part of the next evolution of the internet

XPED simplifies commerce across the network

Unlocking new audiences at low / no cost

The platform allows for trading of products such as avators, fashion, land, and equipment . It also allows for participation in play-to-earn games, and access to hybrid activities such as challengers, trails and adventures.

Digital Products

Whilst trading will be possible using traditional currencies, Xpedition will remove the cost and effort required by exchange rate management. Vendors will be able to have locations in Metinburgh and the Mayaverse and have a single pricing structure.

Cross border commerce

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In world purchases (ecommerce)
Ticketing payments for events
Rewards for completion of challenges, trails and other experiences
One-off unique asset purchases
Purchase of Founders Token
Incentives for onboarding of clients
Loyalty Rewards Program
Completion of offical educational courses with partners
Purchase of vouchers and other real world offers
Platform ideas rewards

Uses of Xpedition (XPED) within SITEnetwork

XPED Tokenomics Model

Max supply: 500m 

Funding Rounds:

The Seed Round is for early adopters who wish to engage with the network. The Private Round will be limited to investors. If you are interested, please fill in the form below.

The public sale will be the full IDO which will be delivered with our partner exchanges.

You will be able to purhase XPED tokens for general access on Web 3 exchanges. Investors and Early adopters are able to acquire tokens ahead of the public launch

We will be launching XPED through an IDO

  • Going on an Xpedition to new worlds, meeting new people and doing things you never thought possible. 

  • Exploring a world with the real world and the virtual world overlap and interact.

  • Doing all this in a single economy.

This is XPED


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